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Experts Designing Customizable AI/ML and Software Solutions to Solve Your Materials R&D and Data Analytic Challenges

We help materials engineering firms and laboratories to accelerate progress and discover new insights from their R&D cycle. Our skilled team of materials and AI engineers offer an array of services ranging from consultation to designing AI/ML-based analytical tools. 

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Our mission is to expedite materials breakthroughs, driving organization returns and world-changing impacts, together.


Introducing MatDash alpha

Our team developed MatDash so your team can stay ahead. Tailored for materials science and engineering , our platform helps your R&D team to learn and use advanced data analytics tools for diverse materials data, curating your database, and training AI/ML models, creating positive impcats:

  • Create great job satisfaction  (Happier) 

  • Workforce upskilling & productivity (Smarter) 

  • Time-saving & painless (Effortless)

  • Risk-mitigation of materials R&D (Safer) 

Our Consulting Services

Unlock the future of materials science with our specialized consulting services. Whether you're delving into deep data analytics, harnessing AI for document processing, or seeking collaborative ventures to discover the perfect material solutions, we're here to guide and empower your journey. Dive into our offerings and let's innovate together

With the global AI market expected to reach $700 billion by 2028, and the materials engineering market forecast to exceed $270 billion, the synergy of these domains is a golden opportunity for innovation. Our team wants to make this happen.
Lun Chan, CEO
Materia Technologies LLC

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